Cult of the Severed Head

  1. 6:30 dusk wait 1/2 hour day 13
    - Widdy says has open door policy but if betray then will kill them.
    - decide to head up
    - Farron explain to Hennan secrecy is important.
    - hidden door leads to shanty town under wall and ramshackle abode.
    - Darag tells them of Terovere, who wants trade control of the city.
    - Farron notices that white caps were meeting near hideout.
    - notice white caps are in power
    - Darag says he has to go alone to meet his contact.
    - Hagar leaves unseen servant with carpet at Darag’s place.
    - Widdy disguises himself as a shopper to overhear conversation. Successful.
    - nod of respect from Darag.
    - I want to meet, have influential visitors with interesting proposition.
    - Widdy overhears.
    - need to wait one hour, eat street food.
  2. 7:30pm day 13
    - somebody mentions Terovere’s ship is back in port.
    - waiting within sight of tramp.
    - Widdy successfully looks like arguing with Maragwai about what Hennan wanted.
    - Farron notices a small boy say something to tramp
  3. 8:15pm day 13
    - Darag goes back to tramp
    - Widdy overhears tramp say ‘tonight’
  4. 8:30pm day 13
    - have four hours to kill
    - Ruibor doesn’t drink.
    - Widdy says do you think you are better than us.
    - everyone to tavern
    - Farron and Maragwai go scouting.
    - Hagar asks for gem trader
    - Widdy looks for loudest city idiot.
    - merchant thinks he’s gods gift to selling. Rugs.
    - Farron learns that terovere lives on ship and is a womaniser with all female retinue.
    - merchant has money in weapon trade – Terovere investment
    - Ceronil and Terovere have symbols for wagons.
    - Gannak and Hagar drinking and playing noughts and crosses and always wins, except a few times.
    - Farron gathers enough information to detect a lie from Terovere.
  5. 12 midnight day 13
    - walkway winds down to cliff side
    - passage
    - Darag leads them into cult worship, a basement beneath warehouses, built into the cliff side.
    - they spot Terovere’s entourage all women in the balcony.
    - Darag has disappear.
    - Farron 1 round tracking finds trail down steps
    - Widdy – feels faint and sick
    - Hagar – starts healing proficiency
    - Farron quickly appeases Hennan who is getting riled up, saying that before get she gets angry they need something from Darag.
    - Hagar spots a barb wound
    - Farron, hennan, dagger, Maragwai leave to track Darag
    - Ruibor and Gannak and Widdy stay.
    - hennan looks very angry
    - Hagar saves Widdy and keeps him on 1 hit point.
    - Maragwai rolls two ones in a row for tracking.
    - but can’t spot secret door.
    - Farron uses ring
    - blinks behind secret door – opens and everyone goes in
    - Hagar casts cure light wounds twice
    - they fly after him down passageway, Hennan carries them.
    - arrive at walkway about 2 rounds behind
    - send Hennan up
    - Haratash appears and then disappears
    - Haratash catches Darag but can’t subdue him without killing him, until Farron convinces Darag to stop fighting back
    - Hennan takes antidote back to Widdy
    - everyone back together
    - haratash exposes blades.
    - haratash suggests slow poison with an antidote regularly applied.
    - Hagar keeps antidote for Darag’s poison.
    - Farron explains poison suggestion to Hennan.
    - group to decide about poisoning.
    - Haratash points out his poison is natural and antidote is natural.
    - Darag, kneels down.
    - Haratash poisons Darag.
    - requires once per day.
    - Haratash explains he can gate in more demons.
    - Haratash grows cavalier moustache at Hagar’s request.
  6. 1AM day 14
    - Cult ritual is non magical and comes to an end.
    - the crowd mill around chatting.



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