Fire Ambush in the Sky

  1. 8:15PM day 15

- Widdy is still invisible
- Farron drops about 150 yards away from Widdy
- Widdy heads towards Farron, will take a couple of rounds.
- Hagar gets blood sword to drop him on magic carpet.
- hammer demons choose to attack blood sword
- Hagar tells demon to kill hammers and then help Ruibor
- Hagar’s blood demon kills hammers, Hagar heads to Farron
- round 2
- Farron twists ring
- attempts to block sword arm and attacks
- Farron is hit hard by the sword arm and the hammer demon and goes unconscious
- Hagar works out that Farron is on -4.
- Widdy is quite far away but has a chance to spot the magic carpet descend. He spots the carpet descending and heads towards him
- Widdy spots Hagar flying at an angle away and casting a spell.
- Widdy continues going it notices fire just around corner.
- Widdy hides in shadows and has a look
- Widdy is still invisible. He climbs building and gets on roof.
- haratash misses the sword arm
- round 3
- Hagar is on carpet and another heal spell on Farron who is now on 3.
- Widdy throws dagger at sword arm and misses.
- round 4
- Hagar flies to Ruibor’s location. Approaches high and circling – no sign of Ruibor. Lots of fire and blood sword, meanwhile hennan descended and hit into ground.
- Widdy successfully backstabs the sword arm after moving silently.
- round 5
- Hagar spirals out and looks for Gannak

Round 12
- Hagar timed it so he arrives at Gannaks location as Farron wakes, Hagar spots three sword arms standing over blood sword, and dead Gannak. Hagar dives low and flies along road – heading away from battle.
- heading back to Ruibor’s locaton where sword arm. Returns to find blood sword killed everything that Ruibor faced. They now have blood sword. He tells them hennan and haratash are fine.
- they head back to cave and sword guy goes back. Tell them where cave is. They don’t ask haratash where Widdy is….yet.
- they all get back
- haratash teleports in
- harag sends blood sword teleport back to find Ruibor.
- hennan’s back.
- hennan says transformation didn’t happen.
- Ruibor is back
- they have one sword arm left.
- ship is not in harbour but in inlet.
- farron wants blood sword to teleport where he can find ship and then find Terovere, they can communicate by demon. And avoid conflict.
- ship is heading out to sea,
- some casualties, Terovere survived and pacified.
- fire demons are fighting with lava in city centre, possibly imperial palace.
- Terovere wants war over as soon as possible
- Ruibor thinks they tipped the balance.
- Terover is heading to Rolamere Ruibor suggests the blood sword stays there, Terovere appreciates that.
- Hagar suggests pull people out.
- Hagar gives Terovere location of town nearest to tower and check in at the inn with a red hat.
- Farron suggests Terovere’s men draws a sigil and use that as identification.
- this is for researchers going to tower or someone to hide.
- wait 8 hours and wait for Darag.
- 9:00
- Farron was on -4 so needs to wait 4 days.



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