Knock Knock

Who's there? Lich, he says.

  1. 8:30pm day 17 (day 19 farron up)
    - haratash teleports to the shop that the party looked at for hand crossbow, picks one up and some darts (gives widdy poison).
    - haratash gives him a gourd of poison.
    - party want to hit drow with blood demons to make them distrust their alliance. By decapitating leadership.
    - hagar starts researching sending Hennan back. There’s a book on Demonic Energy (magic user based).
    - villagers went with money, some stayed behind and a nice with village with amenities under construction. Built a few miles away on the site of an old village – and build tavern where the researchers are supposed arrive.
    - nobody has turned up yet to join as researchers.
    1. 12AM day 19.
      - wait for another day to fully heal widdy
      - widdy teaches hennan chess.
    2. 12AM day 21
      - widdy tries to explain why they hit the drow to encourage betrayal. By saying that they are not meeting force with force. And that she can advance along with the party, keeping her above ground. Weakening the opposing forces.
      - rolls successfully.
      - hennan is worried because doesn’t know what to do with the army. So many of them. they like fighting but derera keeping them under control.
      - I don’t want to control anyone. widdy tries to encourage.
      - farron asks Haratash why the demons are here. Haratash fails his roll. haratash says here because of food. haratash doesn’t know who started it. elf/dwarf blood is horrible, cow boring.
      - ask hennan where they came from – haratash and derera already here.
      - farron asks haratash, why demons stay on blood plane? He says because they like it on the blood plane. and doesn’t know more.
      - they use gate to observe Fensiir the drow. But left him with no instructions – he’s hiding out underground. Asleep in a tunnel.
      - hagar scries the entire city, no sign of drow. Hagar scries for darag >> creeping in shadows, along a wall. watch him. pauses for 10 rounds. looks ahead and to the left. tries scrying for a brick above and then above more. another guy in urban signalling each other. other guy goes underground. long steps and corridor with 4 more guys – 6 altogether. fast forward as they do it.
      - 30 rounds later, cavern hide in shadows.
      - 2 rounds – what does it sound like says farron? tracking roll.
      - 2 male drow walking with swords glowing slightly.
      - assassins take out drow.
      - drop rock, ‘what are you doing’. darag is surprised.
      - drop another rock, we’re watching you, you can speak.
      - darag answers, killing drow.
      - using notes they discuss more. ceronil hired him to kidnap drow.
      - farron says we want one.
      - darag says how much…hagar says even if you don’t leave a drow for us then you wont get the anitdote.
      - hagar gets a sense an intelligence is focussing on you
      - hagar shuts down gate.
      - ruibor says counter scry with detect scrying is possible.
      - gate shows dome with derera.
      - top of dome cloud of dust.
      - haratash is sent out.
      - gate is shut down.
      - hennan says haratash reports drow coming through gate.
      - farron asks henna to attack drow and capture.
      - hennan says haratash is ok.
      - haratash can’t see.
      - ask haratash to come back.
      - send hennan to get demons to dome.
      - carpet down tunnel with haratash…6 rounds.
      - figures at the end of tunnel – they cast wyvern watch on
      - haratash saw MU with staff and drow swords.
      - 20 yards to 6 drow bent over something.
      - bless then head towards them.
      Round 1
      - loading a ballistae.
      - hagar prayer, farron arrow, widdy xbow, ruibor fireball, haratash blend.
      - widdy sends dagger to creep round.
      - farron kills a drow
      - 1 drow by widdy
      - haratash slides into ground.
      - widdy’s poison kills a drow
      Round 2
      - hagar misses twice
      - farron hits reduces drow
      - widdy misses
      - haratash kills one backstab.
      - ruibor magic missile just flies through
      - farron hits reduces drow
      Round 3
      - widdy misses
      - ruibor reduces hagar’s target
      - ruibor magic missile
      - farron hits reduces drow
      - widdy hits
      - widdy hits again
      - haratash finishes him, you aren’t going anywhere.
      - tunnel falls quiet.
      Round 4
      - ruibor fails to spellcraft on weapons
      - get 6 long swords in magic carpet and 6 daggers.
      - widdy gets treasure from drow.
      - haratash says hennan is busy.
      - haratash says derera has just gone.
      - haratash doesn’t know the other demons.
      - haratash puts ballista on flying carpet.
      - haratash is asked to teleport out and find out what’s going on.
      - widdy throws dagger up shaft to recon
      - 20 archers 40 fighters 5 drow priests
      - 6 draco liches
      - sky is black
      - hagar casts animate dead which fails as drow too high level.
      - widdy leave dagger
      - fast forward back into tower…takes another 6 rounds
      Round 10
      - back in tower
      - hagar turns on gate to look at dome.
      - demons are coming through the gate
      - blood demons from gate are flying in formation.
      - five MUs are chanting to maintain gate. in circle.
      - lich looks up at gate, with staff.
      - dwarf operates ballista but misses
      round 11
      - lich casting
      - farron attempts another arrow strike, widdy fires xbow.
      - gate needs 3…
      - withdraw dagger to within wyvern watch.
      - two drow priests attempt capture on hennan out of sight of gate
      - lich cancels gate on that location
      - widdy calls dagger back onto carpet and flying down —takes 6 rounds.
      - unseen servant handling ballista
      round 12
      - party lose a round discussing to ruibors advice.



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