The Great and Small Adventures of a Nondescript Band

Stories enscribed by the mysterious collator of history herself.

…and so the tale begins.

21 Feb 2013

  • Events began in the Wild Boar Inn with the party gathered around the bar, discussing the fallout of recent attempts at gaining useful information.
  • Attentions shifted to the trapdoor – a mission to gain access was established because they knew at this stage that the barman was armed and armoured and special barrels were being loaded into the trapdoor rather than the warehouse.
  • Widdy Krunkel at this stage decided to take matters into his own hands and instigate a bar fight, hoping to distract the barman and Lieutenant Marikon
  • The fight was very successful and when Widdy told the barman that “he is going to kill him” the barman shouted an order to the lieutenant that raised some eyebrows.
  • The fight wasn’t enough to distract the guards, so the party decided to wait until closing and sneak in. To that end, Widdy hid under a table, Farron left with the Wood Elf and the dwarf headed upstairs to a room.
  • Once everyone was asleep they reconvened in the bar, where Widdy informed the party that the barman, wife and teenage son were actually all military and worried about the failure of their mission and the location no longer being secure.
  • Then came the ‘rat’ plan. After the thief established all was quiet in the back room.
  • The dwarf blustered his way into the back room holding a rat (captured by Farron).
  • …and was met by the pointy end of a sword, held by the teenager in a rather capable fashion.
  • Some unfortunate arguments later and both the barman and ‘wife’ appearing armed and angry, the party were thrown out.
  • Not to be held back, Widdy ran up to the guards posted on the trapdoor by the warehouse and claimed there was trouble back at the Inn at they should deal with. This was met by scepticism.
  • However, once the dwarf added to the claim by stating that the “commander” requested they go to the Inn and they should be allowed into the trapdoor, one of the less intelligent and more insecure guards decided to go check.
  • Faced with a three against one scenario and the possible conflict of orders, the remaining guard did not prevent the party descending into the trapdoor.
  • A quick search of the cellar revealed plenty of innocent fruit and veg along with a large quantity of the suspicious barrels.
  • They kicked open a barrel to reveal plenty of salt, severed heads and gourds containing blood, marked with numbers that matched the branded human foreheads.
  • Time had run out, the trapdoor nearest the Inn was opening and the party decided to exit back the way they came, kicking down the ladder and setting fire to some crates in the process.
  • Naturally the dwarf is leaving with a head and matching gourd. Farron first, dwarf second and the thief taking up the rear. First they have to negotiate the small round hard fruit that Widdy scattered beneath their only exit.



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