1. 1AM day 14
    - Widdy threatens Darag with scooping out eyeballs.
    - Farron tells hennan to remain inconspicuous.
    - Widdy continues to threaten
    - Darag tells them Kirik is Terovere’s Mage.
    - Farron reminds Darag is poisoned.
    - Widdy introduces himself to Kirik as skullfucker, and she says she’ll come and get them.
    - party discuss their strategy
    - party are lead up to the balcony and through a secret door in the side room that leads up to a large room with table, windows over the harbour and a fireplace, occupied by Terovere and his entourage.
    - Terovere comes round to shake hands
    - “greetings my name is Terovere and I gether you have an interesting proposition.”
    - Widdy fails charisma and walks over to Kirik
    - Hagar succeeds charisma
    - table covered in food and fruit
    - at the hint of problems between Darag and the party, ah yes says Terovere that’s how Darag says hello.
    - I take it you’re not religious, asks Hagar.
    - I don’t need to believe, i trust what I can see, says Terovere.
    - Terovere says help yourself and he will eat the food before.
    - Hagar says he has already eaten.
    - Farron tucks into fruit.
    - Maragwai doesn’t eat.
    - harag decides where people sit.
    - Terovere says I guess we should start with your proposition
    - harag says you have recently come upon hard times according to Darag which puts yourself in precarious position
    - Hagar continues, our aim is to free Tarator of demon influence.
    - how do you intend to do this? Asks Terovere.
    - influence factions from the sides to fight and weaken them
    discussion begins with the following points made:
    - demon control is exerted through others
    - large number of people are ignorant or unhappy with status quo.
    - unify city and turn on the demons.
    - the one thing we had to offer place of safety they can’t see into – the tower.
    Conversation continues:
    - Terovere asks about tower
    - harag explains its far from here.
    - harag says we need to pursue a quiet Guerilla type war
    - Terovere asks what about Rolamere.
    - hennan says she’s bored and goes over to window
    - Terovere says that he wasn’t going to ask until the right moment, but he couldn’t help notice her teeth.
    - harag says, Hennan is not your normal demon, here not through her own control and doesn’t want to return and isn’t interested in controlling you.
    - Farron says she is reasonably powerful and well connected but wishes no contact with blood plane.
    - harag says she isn’t involved in bad plans for Tarator.
    - they talk about hennan restraining herself etc.
    - Farron wants contracts and resources. You run cult and gather intelligence – we need that intelligence.
    - Terovere asks for targets to be destroyed by weapon that is the group. For example killing off demons as targets and proof of alliance.
    - Terovere wants to know how his security can be improved.
    - harag attention will be drawn away from Terovere.
    - Farron asks if demon was perhaps killed that’s why lost power.
    - Terovere isn’t sure, but he knows everyone suffered the same fate at the same time.
    - most merchants here have connected with fire demon faction.
    - Widdy suggests hit merchants as hard as possible with blood demons.
    - Terovere says god of severed abandoned and that’s when demon went.
    - Ruibor confirms that the god abandoned Tarator and Terover confirms Uruah’nak was of the god and left at the same time.
    - Hagar proposes that a joint attack is done as a proof of friendship.
    - Darag wants to stay separate, so they arrange midnight drops of antidote.
    - Kirik goes over to Terovere and talks into his ear.
    - Terovere says the merchants all switched from demons of the severed heads to fire demons.
    - Terovere suggests taking out a ship that belongs to Ceronil. And implicating a competitor.
    - start talking about plan of taking out ship.
    - Terovere says most ships crewed by 10-20 people.
    - Ruibor suggests using confusion to attack ship
    - Hagar suggests looking for something
    - Farron wants to just create confusion, the others disagree.
    - Widdy, then suggests sending demons, who say ‘find it’ Farron agrees.
    - plan is: haratash teleports in, smashes up ship and cargo, Ruibor steps in and says, did you find it? Haratash says yes. They go.
    - cowardly and gossipy is a general trait of merchant sailors
  2. 9am day 15
    - wait 8 hours while Ruibor learns teleport and polymorph self
    - Farron looks for dogs for animal training.
    - Ruibor takes dagger.
    - casts clairvoyance then teleport.
    - entire ship panics.
    - haratash tears up ship
    - Ruibor teleports in, acts out dialogue “did you find it?” Haratash arrives with blood faint. And says yes.
    - haratash and Ruibor return.
    - crew fail morale
  3. 10am
    - ship limps in
    - party go down to docks nearby to where ship turns in.
    - lounging on dock side.
    - merchant turns up, comes back looking angry
  4. 11am
    - sailors come off ship for shore leave.
    - party follow some sailors into the Rotting Trout tavern
    - morose sailers, muttering,
    - Widdy pretends to have a windfall.
    - Farron goes over to sailor, pretends to have shit day.
    - Hennan is chasing rats
    - sailors say you wouldn’t believe it if I told you…sailors drinking…
    - Farron fails charisma, but says felt really weird with red mist, creeped put…
    - where was this?
    - alley way
    - not near here…
    - Farron says to Widdy, you felt weird when you experienced that red mist
    - Widdy you felt weirder than I did…diffuses tension.
    - morale check
    - this thing turned up…says the sailor
    - Widdy gets another drink…rolls 2 charisma
    - Hagar casts charm person on sailor who proceeds to open up
    - lucky to be alive.
    - Widdy slips gold piece to barman for free drinks, little bit extra in it if he gives out free drinks.
    12AM (end) day 15



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