The First Fight

  • Deciding to come out of the trapdoor all innocent-like, Farron stepped out first and came face to face with four soldiers, armed and aggressive.
  • He matched up with one and drew them away as the dwarf stepped out and matched with another leaving Widdy hiding in the darkness of the trapdoor.
  • This lead to the dwarf taking a beating from three soldiers in the first round.
  • Widdy slipped out and attempted a backstab, but inexperience and bad luck lead to failure as everyone started trading blows.
  • The dwarf succeeded in killing one of the soldiers, while Widdy decided on tumbling out of immediate danger, under the wagon. Leaving the dwarf two on one. Again.
  • Despite the ring mail and tower shield, luck didn’t keep up and the dwarf went down from one serious blow that left his ears ringing and blood coming out of his head.
  • Farron chose that moment to get three strikes in a row and with second attacks coming in handy that round, managed to deal with the remaining soldiers without taking any damage at all. Oh and Widdy tried another backstab – luck was definitely not with him.
  • That left the dwarf on the ground bleeding out, a bunch of corpses and imminent danger once the barman found his way through the flames. So the party beat a retreat into the woods and sought out assistance from Maragwai.
  • She was won over by the thief’s natural charm and agreed to help the dwarf begin the long road to recovery. However, she was not entirely happy to be lumped together with a group of renegades with a stolen head.
  • Especially when they started talking about demon summoning, priesthood and the God of Murder.
  • Out of sympathy she has agreed to take them to the nearest Wood Elf camp, but the dwarf is not going to be rushing there. Not for the next six days.



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