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  • Tarator

    h1. Tarator Empire h2. Politics * Strong military * Fascist and expansionist imperial hierarchy * Emperor Tarator is the head of state * Crime and punishment is severe * Magic and religion is banned h2. Rumours * Assassinations are carried …

  • Rolamere

    h2. Politics * Feudal country with a strong military * Ruled by High Lord Conlordis and the Council of Lords

  • Caraton

    Caraton is a small village at the base of a small hill. On the hill is a Fort of the [[Tarator | Tarator Empire]] which overlooks the village. The village is well known locally for the [[Wild Boar Inn]] and its warehouse where trade goods are stored. …

  • Wild Boar Inn

    Drinking establishment in [[Caraton]] with rooms available to travellers. A large warehouse is available for storing trade goods and trade coaches from all directions arrive here to exchange wares and rest before continuing their journey.

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