Lord Taranik

Lord Taranik has offered mercenary work for any able hands capable of carrying a weapon. This offer is open to strangers from the mountains and Deep Hills.

The job

The background

Trade routes in the northern provinces of Tarator have come under attack from Orc tribes. There is not enough military presence in this region to adequately defend all the roads – therefore only specific routes and scheduled transport will be protected.

Mercenaries are being hired to increase protection where the military are stretched too thin.

The Player Characters

All Player Characters are from the mountains or beyond across the Deep Hills. They have travelled to the borders of the Tarator Empire and heard from the locals that mercenaries are being hired in Caraton.

The Player Characters have journeyed south to Caraton and met each other on the road. A group of fellow travellers has formed, including traders and hunters going to Caraton to barter goods. Because the three Player Characters are all heading there to take on the mercenary work, they have introduced each other, but have not got very close. Yet.


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